~~  Miracle from above  ~~


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For God's sake hold your tongue,
and let me love,
or chide my palsy,
or my gout,
as you wail and seek
my nipple about.


Holding you to my bosom close,
as you suck with wanton,
satiety and hunger,
admiring your blessed face,
I'll thank Him infinitely for days.


Only three decades past,
I took birth just like you,
with convulsions and tremors galore.
Palsy in my brain,
a heart full of pain,
visits by a shrink or two,
with pills not so few
is how my life flew.


Palsy, my second soul,
shall be eternally by my side
like gout which slipped in,
due to failed attempts
to be slim.


But, you, my little one,
are a miracle from above,
defying science, free from palsy,
enveloped in love.


So for God's sake hold your tongue,
and bear my convulsion,
which your innocence shall surpass
to taste the sweet nectar
from my bosom and my heart.